“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.” H.E. Luccock

Developing trusting relationships is the foundation of everything I do, both professionally and personally.

Since 2013 I joined WSQR Team and since then, whether we speak about business strategy, performance improvement, change management or customer loyalty solutions, I’m committed to delivering successful initiatives.

I strongly believe the key to creating a sustainable solution for WSQR customers, is asking the right questions, and listening intently to what they tell me about their culture and workplace climate.

As WSQR Senior leader says : “’the greatest asset to any company, regardless of size or sector, is its employees”’, I believe in this, more than that, I believe you can create a brand, but your employees are the ones entrusted with delivering it and getting your messages out to customers.
Here, at WSQR, I appreciate the company culture of making sure we have everything we need to feel confident in getting the job done – this represents the basis from which, we are able build any engagement plan.

Administrator și Senior Consultant al Seeger Management Service Gmbh
Domeniul de activitate: consultanță și training


– Consultant independent  în aria dezvoltării personale și organizaționale, consultant, trainer și auditor în managementul calității, manager interimar
– proprietar și director general al  Seeger Management Service Gmbh si  WSQR SRL
– conferențiar în managementul calității și al proceselor, la Universitatea de modă și design AMD din München  (


Dezvoltarea personală și organizațională
4A ACADEMY AG, Olten, Elveția
Managementul calității
Societatea Germană de Calitate
Wacker Werke

I am pleased to introduce myself as Carmen-Claudia Sasu-Weindorf, resident in Sibiu, motivated employee since July 2021.

My wish was to find a part-time job as Assistant Manager in this magnetic location, Cisnădioara, where I found a wonderful team.

I am very proud to be part of the WSQR team, with the interest to share my knowledge and skills with your well recognized international companies.